These courses are APPROVED by the New Mexico Electrical Bureau.

Electrical CEU Courses – New Mexico

Electrical License Renewal Deadline

Journeyman Electricians: Every three years on the issued date.

Electrical Continuing Education Requirements

16 hours of continuing education every three years, and with at least 8 hours on code change.

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Electrical Continuing Education Courses

These courses are APPROVED by the State of New Mexico. When you complete your course, PELLCO CEU will email a Certificate of Completion to the Email address you provide on your license renewal form. New Mexico approved courses and specials are listed below, and as always, NO charge for re-takes! Thank you for using PELLCO CEU.

Course No.CourseHoursPrice
2022-772023 NEC Code Changes (Code Change)
Based on Articles 90.1 through 480.10(C) in the 2023 NEC: This course covers the changes, deletions, and revisions made to the 2023 NEC.
8$54Register Here
2022-762023 NEC Code Change Definitions (Code Change)
Based on the changes to Article 100 in the 2023 NEC.
4$34Register Here
2022-80Article 250 Grounding and Bonding (Industry Related)
This 4 Hour course covers the 10 parts of Article 250 Grounding and Bonding.
4$34Register Here
2022-78Article 680/682 Pools and Bodies of Water (Industry Related)
This 4 Hour course covers the 8 parts of Article 680 Pools and Bodies of Water.
4$34Register Here
2022-79Article 517 Health Care Facilities (Industry Related)
This course covers the 7 parts of Article 517 Health Care Facilities.
4$34Register Here
2022-75Article 690/691 Photovoltaic Systems (Industry Related)
This course covers the 9 parts of Article 690 and Article 691 Photovoltaic Systems
4$34Register Here
2022-81NFPA 70E Definitions (Industry Related)
This course is based on the definitions portion of the NFPA 70e.
4$34Register Here
2022-82NFPA 70E Chapters 1, 2, and 3 (Industry Related)
This course is based on the NFPA 70E and covers chapters 1, 2, and 3.
4$34Register Here
New Mexico 16 Hour Renewal Package
This renewal package special contains all courses and hours required to renew your New Mexico electrical license.
16$99Register Here
2023 Multi State PackageMultiple State Renewal Package
Contains all courses and hours to fulfill the license renewal requirement for the states of: AK, OR, ID, MT, NM, WA & WY in one easy to use online course.
All$125Register Here

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